Geoff Anderson Sirius 2 Pants


Sirius 2™ is suitable for maximum level of activity. Activities include: walking while carrying large amounts of equipment and interval activity, where at one moment you are walking out to the angling spot and at the next moment you are standing still and angling. Functionalities: PowerDry® Silkweight® consist of different synthetic threads which are sewn together to form a fabric with two different surfaces (bi-component). The inside layer is optimised to quickly and effectively transport the perspiration away from the body. The outside layer spreads the moisture with an unprecedented level of evaporation. PowerDry® has a great level of breathability. The product is 30 % more perspiration transporting than single component products and dries many times faster than e.g. cotton. The design ensures that the trousers stay put where they are supposed to without “crawling about” the body during activity. Polartec® PowerDry® Silkweight from Malden Mills®. Patented “bi-component” construction Polartec® PowerDry® is without a doubt one of the most innovative and functional fabrics ever made for wearing close to your body. This fabric offers the highest level of comfort and performance to date. Silkweight® “highlights” Dries ULTRA fast. Offers a high level of protection against the sun Comfortable silky smooth surface. Quality: Complaint rate: 0 %.

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