Jackall Rerange 130SP


Jackall Rerange 130 SP - Straight from Japan created with JB TOP 50 member Takeshi Hayano. New Jackall Rerange 130 SP features a new weight transfer system called "TG zero friction slide structure" that allows ultra long casts even in the windiest conditions. Jackall engineers have designed a bait that will imitate an escaping bait fish action that can put a neutral conditioned predators into a feeding mode. Constantly jerking the rod, will create a zigzag action. When you stop jerking the rod, the action stops in a second! Rerange weight system creates a stable balance in the water. This lure will respond to many different types of retrieval speeds and gives you the action you want.

Action Range: 0,8-1,5m

Weight: 21g

Type: Suspending

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