Pontoon21 Red Rag 36F SSR


Red Rag is a series of active fats including three models of different depth modifications: SSR, MR and DR. These lures have a short volume body within which there’s a perfectly secured sinker-balancer which determines the correct position of the lure in water, greatly influencing on long-range and accurate casts. Besides, it is due to the position of the balancer that the lure emits a lot of noise. The acoustic vibrations are not only audible, but also tangible with the help of the rod.

On the whole, the action of Red Rag lures is preserved even at a very high speed of retrieve and fast stream. The reason for that is a successfully implemented idea of preserving the ultimate stability, which is particularly notable in super shallow running of Red Rag the working level of which is just 5 cm. The fat moves at the very surface of water, creating an attractive wake which leaves no predator indifferent, including chub, orfe, asp, and in Siberia – goldilocks, grayling and even small taimen.

SR version can go as deep as 1,5 meters, which does not only enable to use straight retrieve within the necessary level but also apply stop-and-go retrieve with the alternate emersion of the lure. And it is this method that irresistibly influences on predator, as practice shows. Not only does Red Rag 36F-MDR modification enable to work at deeper places, but also actively “plough” the bottom, raising different tasty stuff for fish. Due to the advanced lip this lure can overcome some almost insuperable obstacles like stones and snags without any difficulties. Your trophies will include pike, perch, and at night while fishing at sand pits – pikeperch and Volga zander.


  • All models are equipped with Owner hooks


Red Rag 36F SSR

  • length: 36 mm,
  • weight: 5,7 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 0-0,05 m
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