Favorite New Spirit


Favorite New Spirit is a short multi-purpose spinning rod developed mostly for boat fishing.

 It is also good to use for jig techniques and pike or perch twitching. Rigid blanks of New Spirit are suitable for those anglers who like American bass spinning rods. Their slight taper positively impacts fighting, flexibility of the blank allows to hook a fish accurately and effectively works with its' pulls during fightings.

Light spinning rod NSP-632L with a rigid blank and soft tip works best with 6-8 g wobbler twitching and jig technique with lures up to 5-10 g. NSP-662ML и NSP-712ML are the spinning rods of medium light class. They allow an angler to work with medium size lures within their casting weight range. NSP-692M is a model of medium class with moderate fast action, which works best with thin 100-110 size wobbler twitching. It is recommended not to overload the spinning rod for jig technique, thus taking into consideration not only the weight of jig head, but bait's weight itself. NSP-712M is a comfortable model for shore fishing because of its' length. NSP-6102MH is a great spinning rod for jig technique and big wobbler twitching (up to 130cm), it also works well with popper, topwater and walker baits as well as spinning lures within its' casting weight range. NSP-602H is a good spinning rod for twitching big wobblers, poppers and walkers. It works great with heavy boat jig at big deep rivers with powerful streams.


  • All rods have 2 sections

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NSP-602H (1,83m / 12-35g) rod w. 124g
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