After a year of development, we now bring the completely redesigned Predator III series on the market. By using the new NET-V III technology and a brand new FUJI ring set (FUJI SIC-S, K-Series), we have been able to reduce the weight by approx. 10 - 25 gr depending on the model with the same ruggedness and resilience  as in the previous model.

The used Fuji SIC-S ring set is further dimensioned so that this rod series can be fished all year round. Consciously, they have decided not to save more weight at the expense of winter performance.

The action of the rods, we have essentially left as it was at the II model. The Predator III has an ultra fast taper, an 'extreme power blank construction' with a 1: 6 bend ratio (bend-curve ratio).This provides a quick bite response, allowing for easy bait guidance and accuracy in ejection.

There were also many small details on the optics made, so was the used FUJI SIC-S ring set (the insert is almost half slimmer than the conventional SIC insert), provided with an exclusive gray tone on the guides. This makes the rods a bit more noble.

Together with our test anglers, we have been able to improve the already very good Predator II series again in many details and to bring an ingenious Softlure rod on the market, without having to turn on the price screw! 

Model Lenght Pcs Tr. lenght weight Counter wght lure weight line lb       
PR3-732M 2,21 m 2 114 cm 122 gr     8 - 38 gr    8 - 20
PR3-732MH 2,21 m 2 114 cm 126 gr   10 - 50 gr  10 - 25
PR3-892MH 2,66 m 2 137 cm 161 gr 10 gr 10 - 50 gr  10 - 25
PR3-892H 2,66 m 2 137 cm 174 gr 20 gr 20 - 70 gr  12 - 28
PR3-892XH 2,66 m 2 137 cm 191 gr 30 gr 30 - 100 gr  15 - 30
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PR3-732M 2,21m 8-38g
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