Lucky John Hogy Shrimp 2.2”

Hogy Shrimp is a lure imitating a fantasy underwater crayfish with many legs, which is really popular to hunt for among large perches and other predatory fish. Hogy Shrimp is a passive lure that is perfect for all kinds of mounting: a retractable leader, a Carolina tackle, etc.; as well as does not kink the fishing line. The composition of lure’s material includes an attractant with the smell and taste of crayfish; therefore, the lure will preserve its taste properties for a long time. Hogy Shrimp lure is close to its natural food object in terms of the size and has “working” colour grade, which allows achieving biting even with passive fish. Hogy Shrimp is perfect for angling fish not only in fresh water, but also in the sea. During the tests, this lure helped catching dozens of scorpion-fish, sea pigfish and croakers!
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SB05 Dark Green
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