Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F-SR


This series includes three modifications differing in their depth: super-shallow runner (SSR), shallow runner (SR), medium-deep runner (MDR). All of them have the same shape, inner design, all of them are equipped with the same hooks. The difference is in the size and angle of the lip, which determines both the level of the retrieve and action of the lure itself.

Hypnose inner design includes Tungsten Moving Balls (ТМВ) balancing system. There are two balls in the head and tail of the lure, but in spite of their movability and ability to rattle, they have quite a stable position. And only the third one in the middle part can freely move within the rear part of the body. It is this peculiarity that contributes to an accurate and long cast, as well its correct action during the retrieve.

As far as presentation is concerned, Hypnose perfectly works at both straight and stop-and-go retrieves, small speed-ups made with the help of the rod won’t hurt as well. It should be noted that its original purpose is fishing in ditch water ponds or with a very small stream. And it is there that they realize all their innate qualities that attract predator. Having in your arsenal all the modifications of this lure, you can easily catch fish at any water level. Trust me, biting won’t make you wait long. Hypnose lures aren’t always capable of resisting a fast stream, that is why their potential isn’t completely revealed.


  • All models are equipped with Owner hooks
  • Balancing system Tungsteen Moving Balls

Hypnose 38F SR

  • length: 38 mm,
  • weight: 3,7 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: tо 1,0 m
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