Pontoon21 Pro Series AV-Type B


Description of Pontoon 21 spoons AV Type B

Pontoon21 spoons AV Type A and AV Type B were designed by Alexey Vjunov as universal series for fishing in any type of ponds, with streams and without them.

Starting with a treble hook and finishing with a wire axe, all the elements of the lure create an unforgettable “melody”, which enables both the angler and the fish to enjoy the “composition”!

AV Type B blade has a different form in comparison with AV Type A. Also, it is a bit longer. Thus, its angle is close to 45 degrees and this spoon may be referred to universals which are good both in a stream and in still water. Due to a smaller angle of the blade the level of the retrieve will be a bit different: the spoon will go deeper! It’s relevant while fishing in holes and places with cavities near channel areas of small rivers. Fishing in still water of lakes, ponds and water storage facilities will leave no one indifferent – nether perch nor pike!

The blades of Pontoon21 spinners AV Type A and AV Type B have original configuration. Due to its smooth movements light reflection and focusing on the blade do not have any barriers.

Thanks to an accurately designed form and convex face the external part of the blade diffuses light but its internal part focuses it!

There’s an amplified pattern on the blades, which is done in the way traditional for Pontoon21 metal lures. The blade has a double reverse color. While its rotating, the lure creates additional visual volume of the lure.

The original sinker of the spoons Pontoon21 AV Type A and AV Type B has a spindle-shaped form with small grooves. Some anglers call it torpedo. And it’s not far from the truth. Not only does this form enable us to enhance the range of the cast due to the perfect aerodynamics but also hydroacoustic effect. The number of cavities in one spoon sinker is bigger than classical sinkers usually have.

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