Bassday Death Lock


From the Bassday that keeps on producing lures that catch Sea bass comes a new creation. A medium sized lip that is meant to make the lure swim not to sink it. A sinking body that combines a rolling slide MZ-19 that goes all the way to the tail with a large fixed weight in the head. These innovations create tight swimming action at all retrieve speeds, strong flashing when twitched, and a sharp dart. It starts swimming quickly and easily and swims all the way to your feet. In addition, it casts far and accurately. Can be used in a wide range of fields, from the shore in bay areas, from boats to river mouths.


  • action: tight wobbling and tight rolling,
  • size: 78 mm,
  • weight: 12,0 g,
  • sinking (S),
  • depth: 1,7-2,5 m,
  • hook: #6,
  • ring: #3,
  • MZ-19 tungsten weigt
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