Megabass Vision Oneten +1

The VISION ONETEN +1 is a mid-range jerk bait designed to increase the depth of the original ONETEN by up to 3ft. The ONETEN+1's medium bill is crafted to eliminate the traditional issues of high water-resistance, fatigue, and dead-end darting action often associated with long-bill minnows, all while preserving the legendary action of the original ONETEN. By positioning the line-eye close to the body, water resistance is reduced in order to make it easier to work the ONETEN+1 compared to conventional long bills. In addition, this angler-friendly design also channels more water towards the lure's forehead and along the carefully sculpted body, allowing for irresistible darting action with the slightest input. The ONETEN+1 is finished off with a dual-tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System(PAT.) designed to produce superior long-distance castability even in tough conditions.

The VISION ONETEN+1 : The legend just got deeper.


Vision ONETEN Plus 1

  • lenght: 110 mm,
  • weigth: 14 g,
  • suspender (SP),
  • depth: 1,2-1,8 m
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ITO Wakasagi
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