Megabass X-80+1

The profile of the X-80, despite a length of 80mm, is designed to have 1.7 times the height of a comparably-long live minnow in order to bring about a greater impact in the water. Modeled after shad and shiner, its shape and size put it in between that of a minnow and shad. With its specially shaped semi-long bill, the X-80+1 is designed to dive to depths 70cm-100cm (2-3ft) deeper than the X-80, with a high degree of stability even in rough water. By increasing the lip area and optimizing the body balance, the X-80+1 produces dynamic flash, sharp turns, and fast darting actions with even moderate rod action. Even during straight retrieves, it swims with dynamic body roll, displaying side flash as it wobbles along its meandering track. Even beginners can generate irregular actions without jerking by simply applying a stop & go technique, allowing them to entice the monsters lurking beneath. The X-80+1 is a special jerk bait highly suited for probing greater depths.



X-80 PLUS 1

  • lenght: 80,5 mm,
  • weigth: 10,5 g,
  • suspender (SP),
  • depth: 1,6-1,8 m
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