Pontoon21 CrackJack 48SP


Pontoon21 CrackJack 48 is a multifunctional ultra-light lure. It has 6 modifications according to its depth and buoyancy. It helps the angler to fish for any type of predator in different conditions of rivers, ponds and lakes. Among its trophies we can point out perch, zander, pike, chub, orfe, sabrefish, redeye, trout and grayling. In spite of its size large predaotrs are often tempted by the lure. And to catch such species with ultra-light lure brings to any angler unforgettable emotions and pleasant memories.

The lure has two types of buoyancy – floating and suspend. Each has three variants according to its depth: Shallow Runner, Medium Runner and Deep Runner. Depending on its modification the weight of the lure may vary from 3.1 to 3.6 grams. According to its design CrackJack 48 may be referred to the class of shads.

The system of balance and a long range cast consists of two metal balls. One of them is secured in the head. The other one is situated in a special compartment behind the lower securing anchor nut. During casting it moves to the tail, changing the centre of masses. It ensures accuracy and long range capability. After landing and the beginning of the retrieve the ball returns to its original place. There it sticks to the disk, stabilizing the lure. This will help you to pull out fish from the distant bush.

CrackJack 48 is equipped with high quality Owner hooks, and neither anglers nor fish will be left disappointed by a rich set of colors.

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