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Pontoon21 CrackJack 98 is the eldest brother and the only minnow in CrackJack series. In spite of its referring to the other class of lures, it retained it CrackJack features that anglers liked so much. First of all, this is its own energetic action which enables to use the lure at a straight retrieve and jerking, and its “ballistic” characteristics which ensure a long-range cast. In our conditions it can catch pike, perch, zander and asp.

The lure comes in two variants according to the level of buoyancy – Floating and Suspend. Each of them comes in three variants according to its depth: Shallow Runners, Medium Runners and Deep Runners.

At a straight retrieve shallow runners turn according to the long axis (Rolling) and performs transverse fluctuations (Wobbling). Together they form Swimming – a wave-like movement in the water column which resembles natural behavior of prey. The lure starts working almost at once even if the retrieve is slow. The system of balance is responsible for the stable work at speedy retrieves and fishing in a stream. At twitching, changing the power and character of jerks, you can achieve “tempting” rolling and wobbling actions. It attracts active predator even from afar. And trembling at a pause after a stop provokes even passive fish.

The action of the medium runners is a bit different. At a straight retrieve swimming action is less expressive, the trajectory of the action has a higher frequency and lower amplitude. The lure steadily works both at speedy and slow retrieves. At jerking the action is abundant in somersaults and wobbling. If jerking is dynamic, you can make the lure change the horizon. It happens due to the fact that balancing balls get away from the magnet and move to the tail, changing the center of masses.

Deep runners is attractive enough at a straight retrieve as well. Due to the big and wide lip its action is powerful enough. “Tempting” Swimming becomes first. It’s useful to diversify this retrieve with pauses and by changing the speed of the retrieve. The floating version enables to fish in places full of snags or rubbish at the bottom. Thanks to special position of the lure the treble hooks are covered by the body, and the ability of the lure to emerge at pauses enables it to miss the obstacles. It enjoys popularity with fans of trolling, you can cast to 3,5-5 meters. CrackJack 98 DR perfectly copes with different types of jerking, at the same time it rolls and wobbles. At a pause it continues vibrating, which has a positive effect on pike fishing in autumn.

It is equipped with high-quality Owner hooks. With CrackJack 98 you will always find an appropriate retrieve and get a lot of positive emotions by catching fine trophies.

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