Pontoon21 Dexter Minnow 71SP-SR


Dexter Minnow 71SP-SR

The suspending version is easy and effective to use. It demonstrates energetic action which combines equally active rolling and wobbling. It “tosses and turns” quite well if you use twitching. At the same time, varying frequency and power of twitches, you may achieve different trajectories of its action. During the pause it quivers.

Instead of special loads which were used in the sinking model, there’re four metal balls in the chambers of the suspending version (2 loads per each chamber). When the minnow is moving, the ball may a little bit change their position, emitting light low-frequency sounds.

• All the models are equipped with Owner hooks

Dexter Minnow 71SP SR

  • lenght: 71,0 мм,
  • weight: 7,05 г,
  • suspend (SP),
  • depth: 0,6-1,2 м
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