Pontoon21 GagaGoon 45 SR/MR


Features making GagaGoon different from any sinking lures you and fish ever saw before:

- PBD (Prism Body Design). Having excellent action, such body's shape is well-visible under any angle of view.

- GE (Gaga Eyes). Specially made eyes create the impression that GagaGoon constantly looks on you (or target fish) from any position – this provokes predator for attack not less than action of lure.

- KKBS (Koto-Koto Balanced System). Original balanced system consists of 2 balls with different value of density, which moves from side to side very slightly, just a few millimeters so Gaga Goon "shakes" during retrieving as well as during pause between, which is especially exclusive. GagaGoon dives horizontally, slightly shaking with the whole body and creates well-hear low-frequency sounds, so predator attacks GagaGoon even before you begin retrieving.

- Aerolip. The special lip's construction together with all features above provides the most real effect of live fish, keeping castability as far as you want.

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