Pontoon21 Kalikana Dun 105SP-SR


There are some events which are easy to predict. Just because they are predetermined by the natural order of things. The development of Pontoon21 Kalikana lures is just the case. This is not accidental or unexpected that after Kalikana 70 big entrance the further development was sure to appear. And so it did. First, 82 mm model, then one more – 91 mm.

Kalikana Dun, one more size of the series, wasn’t long in coming.

If Kalikana according to its proportions is a standard shallow shad, Kalikana has a different ratio of height and length of the body. Classically, it can be referred to minnows.

By the way, the word DUN in Afrikaans means “thin”. Pontoon 21 specialists and testers more than once proved in word and deed that this company quite attentively listen to qualified and experienced anglers from all over the world. And in this case one of Pontoon 21 experts from South African Republic tested different Kalikana versions in local ponds. And to distinguish different lures, he began to call them prolonged Kalikana with the local word Dun. Thanks to him, the name took flight, and now thinner Kalikana lures are going to conquer the ponds across the world, including ours.

Kalikana Dun inner system is very similar to the system of its ascendant. There are two secured metal balls – in the tail and in the head (before the attaching point of the treble hook). And two movable tungsten balls slide towards the tail on casting, returning to the working position in the middle of the lower part upon the beginning of the retrieve.

At a straight retrieve the action of Kalikana Dun represents an energetic and clear rolling. Thin Kalikana reacts quite well to different manipulations, at twitching it moves from side to side, changing water levels.

Kalikana Dun 105SP

  • lenght: 105 mm,
  • weight: 18,0 g,
  • suspend(SP),
  • depth: 0,3-0,5m
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