Pontoon21 Pacer 75JF SR


Pacer is a jointed medium running minnow. It comes in two sizes – 75 and 90 mm.

Pacer has an unusual, but very stable action. It can be briefly characterized as “two in one” version. Unlike traditional jointed minnows that you can find today on market, it is able of emitting two types of vibrations – rolling (vertical) and wobbling (horizontal).

The main types of presentations attracting predators more than anything else are twitching and jerking. And it is after twitching that Pacer continues vibrating, rolling and wobbling at the same time at stages of free sliding after you stop retrieving. The predator can’t stand it and its attack follows immediately. And the sharpest hooks, that Pacer is equipped with, help the angler to avoid an unpleasant meeting with predator.


  • All models are equipped with Owner hooks


Pacer 75JF SR

  • length: 75 mm,
  • weight: 5,8 g,
  • jointed (J),
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 0,5-1,0 m
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