ANRE'S / PALMS Flesh Back 100mm


ANRE'S / PALMS FLESH BACK is a famous Japanese minnow. It differes from other prolonged minnow by a thicker middle part.

At our ponds this lure is most effective while fishing for pike. It is also good at catching for pike perch at whitewater and river reaches, asp and perch also attack Flesh Back quite willingly.

It comes in two sizes: 80 and 100 mm. Each of them in its turn has suspend and floating versions. The floating model (80) has the working level of 0,2-0,4 m, and suspend 100SP-SR – 0,8-1,2. Thus, its forte is quite shallow areas with predators which attack hutchling near the surface.

Having small unit weight, they nevertheless have wonderful flying characteristics. The system of long-range casts and balance consists of movable and non-movable metal balls. The non-movable balls are placed in the head. The movable balls are situated in the chamber in the middle part of the body. At casting they move towards the tail and at retrieval the return to their place. The suspend version has chambers with additional balls in the head and in the tail. They influence the action of the lure, thus SP model is a bit noisier and attracts fish from afar.

Flesh Back enables to use different types of retrievals. Depending on the fishing conditions and behavior of the predator we choose the appropriate lure according to the situation. At a atraight retrieval and its varieties (e.g. stop-and-go retrievals) it has distinct rolling action – moving of the body relative to its long axis. At the same time wobbling action is minimal.

At jigging the action of the minnow is mare attractive and interesting. At twitching it reacts to any rod manipulations. Changing the power and amplitude of your jigs you may achieve standard jerking presentation as well as trick darting. When your jigs become stronger, the balls move towards the tail, the balancing changes and minnow performs attractive tricks which upset the equanimity of any predator.

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