Geoff Anderson Barbarus Asimi Jacket


We promise

  • 100% wind and waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Hidden Zips
  • Insulated
  • YKK® alloy zippers
  • Durable
  • Taped seams
  • Waist adjustment
  • Strong pocket lining
  • Watertight pocket design
  • Zipped inner pocket
  • Spacious vertical chest pockets
  • Zipped incline pockets
  • Hypalon cuff straps with Velcro®
  • Hypalon patch for attaching accessories
  • Generous length - extra weather protection. 
  • Øko-tex certified fittings
  • Designed in Denmark

Insulated, waterproof with a design fine-tuned for the cold and wet landscape

Warm, versatile, waterproof and breathable with an exquisite soft insulation that provides you with great heat preservation. 
After 5 years on the market, we can truely say that Barbarus has grown up to become a versatile, waterproof and breathable garment.
Status after 5 years: Barbarus passed the test with a complaint rate of less than 0.5 ‰
Regardless of the water column pressure, the choice of materials and construction has proven that nothing works better in real life than Barbarus.
Our aimed goal with Barbarus 2 is to combine the “stone-safe” waterproof and breathable construction with a more contemporary and functional design. Thus, Barbarus can be considered a worthy member of our family consisting of premium waterproof and breathable garments. 
Generous length and insulation give maximum weather protection. 

Man-made 100% polyester insulation. Nicknamed imitation silk cotton. A thicker continuous filament that is lofty, strong and durable.
Warms and stretches, and combined with the shell and lining, supplies outstanding unprecedented air permeability, allowing excess heat to move away from the body. 
The filling stay in place so you do not get cold spots.
Our synthetic fill is quick-drying and insulates even if wet (something down struggles to do)

Filling details:
Body - 100gm
Sleeve: 80gm


Two hidden vertical front pockets placed at chest height. 
Carefully tuned depth and seam taped for water protection.
The pocket design protect the fish from free-lipped zippers when the fish is held against the jacket during e.g photographing.
Two hidden incline pockets with zippers. Seam taped for water protection.
Zipped Inner pocket
All smart, secure and easy accessible.

YKK® Aluminum alloy zipper takes advantage of the ”lightweight” of aluminum, but they are susceptible to moisture, temperature, humidity, friction, acid, alkaline, etc.

Shell: Barbarus is made from an innovative material providing excellent protection from the elements. A durable and tough polyamid face fabric with superior waterproofing, breathability and heat reflective capabilities.
The fabric allows excess heat and moisture to evaporate without compromising waterproofing, leaving you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
Water column : 10.000 mm. (iso0811) – or as we promise: 
Guaranteed waterproof.

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