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Bassday Kangoku Helium


A unique lure that takes its name from the lighter than air element Helium. Its banana shape and long lip produce a wide wobble even at dead slow retrieves and a unique "wiggly" silhouette. Plus it has an outstanding ability to get through underwater obstructions, and Its flashing action and bite transmission are superb. The hooks are an original design. To allow for easy identification, F-type uses laser eyes and SS-type uses black eyes. The newest weapon for tackling managed fishing ponds has arrived.


Kangoku Helium 45F

  • action: super slow wide wobbling,
  • size: 45 mm,
  • weight: 2,3 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 0,5-1,0 m
  • hook: S#8,
  • ring: #0

Kangoku Helium 45SS

  • action: super slow wide wobbling,
  • size: 45 mm,
  • weight: 2,9 g,
  • slow sinking (SS),
  • depth: 0,6-1,2 m
  • hook: S#8 BL,
  • ring: #0,
  • MZ-19 tungsten weight
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