Bassday Sugar 2/3 Deep SG 85F


In order to provide a finer selection of running depths and especially to for use with rising river bottoms, this lure uses a lip with a surface area 2/3`s the size of Sugar Deep in the same class. Use of the Shaft Slider System makes it easier to cast further while making a quieter lure. The action accentuates rolling while increasing stability and being tuned for braided lines.


Sugar 2/3 Deep SG 85F

  • action: rolling and tight wobbling,
  • size: 85 mm,
  • weight: 9,7 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 1,7-2,2 m,
  • hook: #6,
  • ring: #3,
  • Shaft Glider System
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