Ima Flit 120


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Michael Murphy, has made his mark as Fisheries Biologist, Lure Designer, and Professional Angler. Now he has teamed up with ima Japan to create the next generation jerkbait.

Ima combined Michael Murphy’s Biology expertise with its own advanced technology and the Flit 100 was born. The Flit 100, named for its erratic fleeing action and 100mm in length, was designed on the basic premise of “matching the hatch.” The ima Jerkbait, designed with a wide back, flat sides, and a narrow stomach, is designed to closely mimic the flat-sided Herring and/or Panfish prey, common in the U.S. The Flit 100 incorporates a realistic finish, a uniquely designed bill for ease of use and specially designed triangular chambers. This creates constant focal points of contact, maximizing vibration and sound consistency. The ima Flit 100 is the next generation jerkbait designed specifically to trigger strikes and enhance your fishing experience.

FLIT 120 - Techniques:

  • Jerk Pause: Starting each jerk with a slack and ending with a slack after single to multiple jerks. Increase frequency between jerks and pauses as fish activity level increases and as water temperature increases. Work the lure with your rod top close to the water to maximize depth, bringing the rod tip up as you would like to work it shallower or through or over shallow cover.
  • Deadsticking: Working the lure with very little contact with the lure itself and inching the lure forward by bringing up the slack and using the weight of the line to move the lure forward. Start out with a couple cranks and with the Jerk Pause technique to get the lure to depth before working the deadsticking technique.


FLIT 120

  • lenght: 120 mm,
  • weigth: 14 g,
  • suspender (SP)
  • depth: 1,8-2,4 m

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