Pontoon21 Agarron 80SF


Unique features of minnow lure Agarron for twitching, jerking and any kind of inequal retrieving are the result of combination of two kinds of balancing systems in one body. The front part of body is equipped with KKBS (Koto-Koto Balanced System): heavy tungsten ball slightly moves orthogonally to the main body's axis. The system TMB locates just behind this ball. TMB consists of 2 moving tungsten balls, which move to the tail part of Agarron at casting and improve the castability. When retrieving begins these balls return to the middle part of lure and can move from side-to-side like tungsten ball of KKBS. Combination of movements of 3 balls provides unique game of Agarron at line retrieving, which you never met before.


  • All models are equipped with Owner hooks


Agarron 80SF

  • length: 80 mm,
  • weight: 5,2 g,
  • slow floating (SF),
  • depth: 0,4-0,5 m
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081 G thread Fin Shad
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