Pontoon21 Bet-A-Minnow 102F


Bet-A-Minnow is a representative of the popular Pontoon21 Bet-A series of minnows. This lure is characterized by very energetic and stable action. Original design together with perfectly balanced wobbling and rolling components make the action of the lure very unusual and rather attractive for various predators. The action of the lure is particularly attractive at a straight retrieve or jerking. The necessary depth and front resistance are ensured by thin and at the same time strong fiberglass blade due to which the lure quickly reacts to any rod manipulations demonstrating the elegancy of longitudinal movements. Several metal ball, distributed along the lower part of the lure from the head to the tail, contribute to the perfect balance system at different rod manipulations. Magnetic Force Balance (MFB) system ensures long and accurate casts due to the ball which moves to the tail at casting, (it has a positive effect on the flying characteristics) and which is secured by a special magnet (it contributes to the correct distribution of weight within the lure).


Bet-A-Minnow 102F

  • length: 102,0 mm,
  • weight: 14,9 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 0,2-0,4 m
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