Pontoon21 Cheerful 40SP-SR


Cheerful is a lure which started the history of Pontoon21. Once the first model (Cheerful 40 shad) appeared, Pontoon 21 instantly became well-known. Agile small lure worked everything everywhere, without being overthrown in any stream, perfectly swimming in any whirlpool and always remaining attractive at any presentation both in a stream and calm water. Cheerful 40 is still popular, and its service record includes almost all the predators inhabiting our waters. There’re few models, which remain in the companies’ collections and anglers’ boxes for such a long time, still being popular. The majority of anglers specializing in light spinning rods think that this series of small shads has a right to be considered one of the best for ultra-light fishing. Their flat body perfectly imitates hutchlings of deep bodied species, these lures are characterized by an unusual, peculiar action. The inner balancing system, consisting of three movable tungsten balls, ensures the optimal position both while retrieve and casting


  •   All models are equippet with Owner hooks

Cheerful 40SP SR

  • length: 40 mm,
  • weight: 2,6 g,
  • suspender (SP),
  • depth: 0,3-0,5 m

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    051 Metallic HG Silver&Black OB RE
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    Color: 051 Metallic HG Silver&Black OB RE

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