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Zip Baits Orbit 80 SP


Orbit 80 SP-SR

King of Jerkbait. Middle size jerkbait that has both excellent castability and irresistible action. Orbit 80 SP-SR is the best lure to use as a pilot bait throughout the year regardless of the season.

Orbit 80 SP-DR

Wide darting action in the middle range. Diving jerkbait does not create any resistance during retrieval thanks to its short lip. Best lure to use during the spawning season and during the winter months.


Orbit 80 SP-SR

  • length: 80 mm,
  • weight: 8,5 g,
  • suspending (SP),
  • depth: 0,8-1,0 m


Orbit 80 SP-DR

  • length: 80 mm,
  • weight: 9,0 g,
  • suspending (SP),
  • depth: 1,5-2,0 m
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021R - SP SR 0,8-1,0m
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